The great great Druid Leader Silent Warrior (480m) died late June 2010

The last great leader , of the Druid pack has died seemingly of natural causes during the winter in the Hellroaring area. His remains and his radio collar was found by the Wolf Crew.

Silent Warrior(480M) always stood a little in the shadow of his big brother, the charismatic Casanova(302). But he was a great leader and always there for his family. In 2006 the Druids were only four members (569F, 529F, 302m, 480M) and invaded the sloughs into the Lamar Valley, but later returned to their home territory in safety with 11 healthy puppies in the spring.

In the battle with the Mollies pack he steadfastly defended his family and drove off the attackers. Silent Warrior was never a great charmer during the mating season (and mostly uninterested), but probably the best dad in the wolf world.

Silent Warrior(480M) was eight years old.

Kathy Macauley, a Wolf watcher, gave 480 the Lakota name "Akicita Wak'la" (Silent Warrior). There is a heaven for the Silent Warrior. We all knew him and wish him a safe journey there.





















































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