A typical pack consists of an alpha male and female (leaders of the pack) and also a number of subordinates and juveniles and are social animals living and hunting in packs of numbers from 2 to 12. The packs form a strong bond with one another forming a close relationship and communicate with each other through a range of sounds, howling, growls, whines and even barks.




The Omega, unlike what many people think this is one of the most important members of the pack. In healthy environments the Omegas are ostracized by the other members so they will drift off, meet an Omega from another pack and start a new pack. They are the ones that keep the gene pool healthy.



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The Wolf Army on the march

Although packs this size are an uncommon sight in the Northern Rockies we can still recall the mighty Druids who numbered all but 38 members at the height of their dynasty. This pack was photographed in Canada. Packs of this size are far more effective in bringing down large prey such as moose and bison. However during the last few years we were bombarded by many so called biologists and wolf experts who claimed that a healthy pack number is 6 to 8 wolves. The main reason we often have livestock depredations is exactly because the packs are not allowed to expand to normal size natural packs of at least 12 - 15 wolves. Small packs are much more likely to predate on easy prey such as livestock. Packs this size are often referred to as wolf armies. Recently this photograph caused a stir amongst anti wolf people in Idaho and it was speculated that the pack was photographed in Idaho.

Rest assured, it just shows the lack of knowledge of the anti wolfers to think that such a pack can go unnoticed but knowing the quality of the 'hunter' in Idaho it is quite possible. (Vincent)



















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