Wolf pups are born in a cave or den between March and May and weigh a pound at birth. They are completely deaf, blind and cant walk and have little or no sense of smell. The pups eyes open at approx 2 weeks old and they are no longer blind, their eyes are blue and as they get older, they turn a yellowy gold in colour by the time they are eight months old. At three weeks old, they start to venture out of their den for short periods of time and by 12 weeks they completely abandon the den.

The wolf pups will have their milk teeth at two weeks old and can start eating small pieces of regurgitated food and they will continue feeding from their mothers for approx five times a day until they are fully weaned at ten weeks. When the pups are approx six to seven weeks old they will start to eat meat by themselves.

Usually four to six pups are born in each new litter but female wolves can give birth up to thirteen pups.


Once the pups reach the age of three months old, they join their pack on hunting trips but dont participate.

























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