"Mountain Queen was a wolf that marched to the beat of a very different drummer." As a yearling, she left the Druids to join the Slough pack -- where she quickly became the beta (second-in-command) female. Then in 2007, she and a male wolf set off to found their own pack -- the Cottonwood Creek pack -- where she became the alpha (first-in-command) female.

As a leader of the Cottonwood pack, she was known to be a master of survival strategies. While four other packs that inhabited the same area suffered dismal fates, her pack thrived. As her biographer recounts, "She was a genius wolf in her tactics. Strategy was her game and she was a master at it. She would return to feed her pups in the dark of night because she would not take the risk of crossing the road."...


But in the end, despite her "unbelievable survival strategies," this resilient wolf "was not able to out maneuver a rifle and was killed on October 3 2008 when Montana unleashed its first public wolf hunt in modern times.

The senselessness began in 2008 when Bush took Endangered Species Protection off for gray wolves. There is no need to do this to wolves...really no need...Mountain Queen was shot. She originated from the Druid pack -- one of the best known wolf packs in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley, the scene of numerous documentaries (i.e. Nature's "In the Valley of the Wolves"). Killed on October 3 2008 her courage in the face of danger brought her into direct firing line of callous wolf killers when Montana initiated its first public wolf killing in modern times. She was one of Yellowstone’s beloved wolves.




























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