Casanova, the wolf who would not be king, he joined the Druid pack after their splintering and aided in building up the Druids again to help them return to the Lamar Valley, to vanquish the Slough Pack and retake their old territory. He was not a fighter but a lover that wooed the ladies. Originally from the Leopold Pack. (Re The Valley of the Wolves)


The Druid pack, once the mightiest dynasty numbering 37 members dominating the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone. Their power and size of their pack was unmatched in modern times. Reminiscent of the super packs of bygone eras. After the fall of the Druids they were exiled by the Slough Pack but with the help of Casanova rebuilt some of their strength to retake their old kingdom. (Re The Valley of the Wolves)

























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